Listen to our cantor, Talya Smilowitz, singing:

Bashana Haba'a

Bashana Haba'a, which means in English "in the next year" is a very popular Hebrew/Israeli song.

Psalm 150

Psalm 150 is one of the hallmarks of our Shabbat prayers. It echoes the sentiment that we are to sing praises to God with everything and anything. We are to sing Halleluyah with every instrument and all our voices! Our rabbi offers the following modern rendition of the psalm:

Praise God
Praise God in the sanctuary and
    In the vastness of nature
Praise God for goodness and compassion
For blessings and wonders
Praise God with piano and song
    With guitar and cello
    With sax and drums
    With clarinet and violin
Praise God with an orchestra of sounds
    And a symphony of music
Let every soul praise God
Let every breath sing praises to the Lord.

For the traditional Hebrew of Psalm 150 as well as its accompanying translation follow this link.
Our cantor is accompanied by Natalie Tenenbaum on piano, Mitch Friedman on bass guitar and Isaac Teel on drums. This arrangement is based on Debbie Friedman's composition.

Adon Olam

Adon Olam is a traditional song that concludes Shabbat Evening services. This tune was originally composed by Israeli pop star, Uzi Hitman. Our cantor is accompanied by Natalie Tenenbaum.

Eli Eli

Eli Eli was written by Hannah Senesh, an Israeli poet, who was killed during the Holocaust. It speaks about God and the beauty of nature. Our cantor is accompanied by Natalie Tenenbaum.