Join us for another in our current events series at Congregation L'Dor V'Dor.
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Learn the story of the Jews of Iraq, beginning with the Babylonian Exile 2500 years ago through the ethnic cleansing of modern times. Explore the recent discovery of the Iraqi Jewish Archives and what can be done to save its precious artifacts. After viewing an excerpt from their award-winning film “The Last Jews of Baghdad: End of an Exile; Beginning of a Journey,” Carole and Adrianna will educate us about the rich, and sometimes painful, history of the Iraqi Jewish community.
Carole Basri is an American filmmaker and lawyer of Iraqi Jewish descent. Most of her productions focus on the history of the Jews in Iraq as she documents her ancestral roots and discusses Jewish traditions in Iraq.
Adrianna Davis has worked in film, television and radio as a writer, producer, editor and voice-over artist since 1991. She is the co-director, producer, writer and editor of an acclaimed trilogy of documentaries about Iraq’s Jewish community and history, and most recently, “Saving the Iraqi Jewish Archives: A Journey of Identity.”

This program is sponsored by the Enrichment Committee.