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Congregation L'Dor V'Dor 3rd – 7th

3rd 7thOverview of Judaic curriculum by grade:

Now that we discussed the Hebrew aspect of your child’s education, the Judaic segment is quite stimulating and fun too.

Third – Alef

Students will learn about the Jewish Year. This subject will convey the excitement around celebrating holidays that are rich with tradition, tales, symbols and learning blessings with key related vocabulary.

Fourth – Bet

Holidays and Understanding Prayers will be the topics for discussion. Here students will learn about modern customs and celebrations presented alongside each of the holiday’s history. Bible stories and Midrashim, (commentary on biblical texts) are incorporated here to assist the students in connecting holidays with mitzvot (Jewish obligations). The students will enjoy innovative activities to assist them in making holidays their own and building core Jewish values.

Fifth – Gimmel

In Bible and Learning and Understanding Prayer, students will explore the Bible through thoughtful questioning and examination of translations and discussing the related themes. Critical thinking exercises will help the student to connect between text and core Jewish values.

jerusalem mapSixth – Dalet

Students will begin developing a connection to Eretz Yisrael (land of Israel), through geography, history, culture and Jewish values.

Opportunities of discussion topics and map challenges will assist in engaging the students.

In the segment of Zachor (“Remember”), students will study certain aspects of the Holocaust at an age appropriate level.

They will begin this learning process through presentation of film and discussion groups.    

Seventh – Hay

Friendship and Life Cycles are intended to help students understand more about their own lives as they grow in Jewish knowledge. They will look at the concepts of life cycles, participate in social action programming, as well as studying how Judaism puts great emphasis on the high merits of friendship.